SNES Station 0.2.6c Mod! (re-update: fixed a bug)

Here I go with another update!

If you've already downloaded the mod, you should download it again! I've fixed the black screen bug that was reported. It was related to CPU cache. Normally I test every build with PCSX2, but in this case the bug only appeared on real hardware.

Before writing anything, I'll let a screenshot took from this last version to speak by itself.

(yup, I'm an Adventure Time fan XD)

This mod is based on Megaman SNES Station extension, since the source code of SNES Station, as far as I know, has never been released.
  • Hiryu, he originally wrote the SNES Station PS2 emulator, and everyone behind it.
  • Megaman, for the SNES Station extension (which this mod is based on).
  • The PCSX2 guys for making a great work with the PCSX2 Debugger in the latest dev versions (I simply love it)!
Big thanks even to people that pointed out bugs/issues or gave me suggestion!
And especially to antonioks and Morpheus SD which made an impressive package full of covers (9372 of them) and cheats (784 of them) to use along this mod!
Here it is: Covers and cheats package!

SNES Station 0.2.6c Mod
+ Fixed the bug which caused ".zip" roms to not appear. The letter "z" was excluded in the comparison function, but the big "Z" still worked. So ".ZIP" roms wouldn't cause the issue.
+ Added support to PNG images for covers! If no JPG is found a PNG will be searched, this means JPGs will always have the highest priority. For PNG support I've used the uPNG library.
+ No more Cheat Mode option. Now to edit cheats it's enough to press the Select button.
+ Added the possibility to return one directory back by pressing the Circle button.
+ Added the possibility to have a custom background! Both JPG and PNG images are supported. They must be sized 640x480, they must be copied where the emulator ELF resides and they must be named "BG.JPG" or "BG.PNG" (both lower or uppercase are fine).
+ Added an option to enable/disable background music in MISC folder.
+ Added an option to enable/disable black border on covers in MISC folder.
+ Added some options to run an external BOOT/BOOT.ELF from mc0, mass and cdfs in MISC folder. I don't know how much they are stable, since I had to tweak the loading process a bit.
+ Added an option to Save (they will be saved in mc0) and Load settings in MISC folder.
Download SNES Station 0.2.6c Mod!
(if you have the black screen bug, please download it again, I've fixed it)

Again, that's all!
As always, please contact me below for any issue!

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